Skin Care Routine: Natural

Hi guys!

So you may remember a post I did a while back about a skin care regimen. Yes? Great.

Well guess what? It’s been over a year and I am over paying a small fortune for these face goodies. I thought, there has to be another way. I used up what I had left of my fancy, chemical laden concoctions and decided to try something new.

I’ve been watching what I put in my body lately, eating up a ton of veggies and washing them down with this stuff called H2O. It’s so crazy, you can get it anywhere! I’ve also been EXCERCISING. You read that correctly. I have been moving my body.

And you know what? All those people are right. Diet & Exercise are pretty amazing. I mean, don’t get me wrong, a part of me still dies every day that I don’t eat something oooey-gooey and filled with cheese, and I could kill a small child for an iced cold coca-cola but I’m down 3 pounds, my pants aren’t having to be unbuttoned after lunch and I’m starting to think that I may not actually have an inherently super negative outlook on life. That maybe my body was just physically giving up and that made me feel sad.

So in lieu of my new situation that I call “Giving a damn,” I have decided to also give a damn about my face. Instead of restocking my regimen, I took a trip to my local natural grocer and bought a new regimen from a brand called Andalou. I don’t know for sure how “natural” they are, nor do I really care all that much. I’m just starting to give a damn, alright? Please don’t view me as your health and natural product guru. Jeez.



The website says this:

Key plant powered antioxidants and the best in Non-GMO, Cruelty-Free, Gluten-Free, Eco-Friendly, Certified Organic, Fair Trade, Vegetarian, Vegan, and Clinically Proven Ingredients.

That’s about all the research I did. Feel free to do more, but not right now. I’m still talking, don’t be rude.

Anyway, I bought these 5 products in a sample pack on sale for $13:

  • Apricot Probiotic Cleansing Milk

  • Blossom + Leaf Toning Refresher

  • BioActive 8 Berry Fruit Enzyme Mask

  • Super Goji Peptide Perfecting Cream

  • Resveratrol Q10 Night Repair Cream

First of all, everything in this line smells really strong. Like fruit or food. Which isn’t a bad thing, I just wasn’t expecting it. I feel like most fragrances come from unnatural sources, so I was expecting everything to be unscented. Not the case. Especially the Mask. It smells and looks like jelly. Like smuckers raspberry jelly. In an end of the world situation, it would go on my toast. Cause who needs clear pores at that point?

The cleansing milk is fine, but it does NOT remove eye makeup at all. It will just shift it from on your eyes to below your eyes and then no matter how much you add, you still end up looking like a raccoon. So get some eye makeup remover. Stat.

The toner is good and I really love both the creams. All in all, I’m a fan. In just a week, my skin is looking happier and healthier and smells like a continental breakfast.

If I buy everything full size, I will spend 90.75 total, which is like a third of what I was spending before on all that fancy ass stuff. I am planning on doing full sizes of everything except the cleansing milk. I’ll try another face wash of theirs-maybe the Citrus Kombucha Cleansing Gel? I just like heavier duty face washes. They also sell an eye makeup remover for 12.95, so I’ll probably add that to the list as well.

And since I am in my thirties, I may still use a retinal cream. Don’t you judge me.