Chambray All Day! & Other Denim Love

Chambray All Day: The best chambray & denim pieces to wear every season

Chambray All Day: The best chambray & denim pieces to wear every season

1. Beatriz Romper  |  2.  Shorts  |  3. Amabel  Shirt

Inspiration: StylishlyMe Chambray Dress & Unfancy: Chambray & Stripes

Chambray? More like Chambr-YAY!

This is my hands-down FAVORITE fabric in the world. I would wear it everyday if I could. And I usually do. It goes with EVERYTHING, it's comfortable, it's classic, it's lightweight. The list goes on.

It's kind of amazing that you can get overalls, a classic shirt, shorts and a dress ALL in the same fabric but they look completely different.

The Beatriz Romper seen above is heavenly. I would wear this every weekend in the summer.

The shorts are actually from Wal-Mart and I bought a pair-you can see me wearing them on a trip to Lake Powell. They are the perfect throw on over a bathing suit because they dry super quickly in the sun.

And the Amabel shirt from Anthropologie looks like the PERFECT denim shirt. Especially when paired with stripes, like Caroline from Unfancy has styled her chambray. But you could also throw it on with a cute skirt and it's work appropriate. BAM.

I, myself, have 4  tops in this fabric that range from a fitted one to a feathery light version to an oversized dark wash & even a vintage one with some awesome geometric feather embellishments that belonged to my grandma:


With the exception of this one, I found all at thrift stores. I can't stress enough how easy it is to find chambray while thrifting. That's because it's been around forever.

Seasonal Chambray!

The other reason I really love this fabric? You can wear it Year-Round!

How to wear chambray for all seasons

How to wear chambray for all seasons

Spring   |  Summer  |  Fall  |  Winter 

Anyone else a total chambray junkie?

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