The Magical, Future Predicting Egg Crate

So, before I tell you about this crazy future revealing egg crate, let me give you some background information and set the scene a bit. I came in to work today to find myself with NOTHING to do. It is the week before Christmas, after all and my boss doesn’t seem to understand that no one needs a graphic designer this week. No one. And even if they do, I have NO motivation to be one this close to the holidays. It is painfully quiet. I had to put on my headphones just to drown out my stomach growling. Well fine, I would prefer to be off but you can pay me to browse Pinterest and plan my future remodel until 5pm if you insist.

As some of you may know, Matt and I became homeowners this past August and we haven't shut up about remodeling since. It's all we talk we about. So, any down time I have at work gets spent looking at inspiration and catching up on my favorite blogs.

Anyway, as I was doing just that, I found myself reading Last Minute Gift Ideas from The Fresh Exchange and there it was—the magical, future telling egg crate. Behold!

This egg crate showed me my future

This egg crate showed me my future

I took one look at it, and, before I knew what was happening, I was swept away from my desk and this office and was transported to my house in the future. Clear as it could be, remodeled and perfect with this little egg crate sitting on a marbled countertop. The TV was on in the living room, I was standing in the kitchen near the apron sink, holding a bowl full of something and there was a little boy about 4-5 years old at the island playing with plastic dinosaurs. Alarmingly, there was no little girl to be seen. If you know me, you know I want a little girl. I want a little boy, too, of course. But I’ve always pictured a daughter.

Then I realized, this little boy was blond. Like really really blond. Like so blond it’d be impossible for him to have come from me and Matt. And then I figured it must be my nephew Rex over for a visit. Or maybe his little brother, who is currently residing in my sister-in-law’s belly. Maybe we adopt a little Swedish boy cause our lives are that interesting in a few years. Or Maybe this kid just showed up on the doorstep five minutes earlier and he’s just a neighbor who came over to ask to borrow sugar for his momma who is making cookies next door. Who knows.

The Egg Crate Showed Me My Future, But Since I Can't Show You What's Inside My Head, Enjoy Some Inspiration:

So there I am with probably Rex or his brother or maybe my kid or some rando at the island, and I’m telling you, I saw my house. It flashed into my mind and it was real. 100% PURE. I saw my future.

The wall in the kitchen was removed, the island I want was giant, there was the perfect mix of cabinetry with open shelving for my cookbook collection. The lighting fixtures were what dreams are made of. There was a beverage fridge stocked with Pamplemousse LaCroix. The living room had incredible natural light and a giant, colorful rug beneath the most swoon-worthy couch. There were built-in bookshelves, perfectly arranged with all my novels and knick-knacks. It. Was. Perfect.

It was home.

So, of course, I put the damn egg crate on my Christmas list.

Can’t wait to do an update on this post in like 5 years where I show you the finished remodel. And we can all learn who this little blond boy is already.

If he is our little Swedish import, I'm suggesting right now that we name him Liam.