Happy New Year! Now look what I made.

First of all Happy New Year! It’s the 3rd, so I’m guessing you’ve given up on your resolutions already and are aimlessly wandering the internet for something to make you feel less guilty. I hope this post helps. And at least you made a resolution—I gave up promising myself things years ago, after a particularly traumatizing juice cleanse.

But one thing I do to celebrate the New Year (besides ceremoniously throwing out my previous wall calendar for whatever cuter one I bought this year) is designing my NY Cards! Ok, it’s only my second year in this tradition, but it’s going strong. Last year’s cards were cute, but this year blew them away. It wasn’t even close. Have a look at last year’s:

This year, I knew I would be using one of our wedding photos. I’m not really a let’s-hang-pictures-of-us-all-over-our-house-like-a-shrine-to-our-love kind of person, so finding ways to use my wedding pics is a fun challenge. I’m making a wedding book and I printed out my favorite as a small 4x4 that I have on a tiny easel in my office. It’s the cutest. But since we just got married in September, incorporating one of the photos into our New Year’s cards was a great option this year.

So I picked one that showed off our happy faces and went from there. I chose a pink and red theme because I love Valentine’s Day and was too impatient to wait for February. And I thought “It’s a good year to have a good year” was the PERFECT quote to sum up all of my wishes and hopes and dreams for 2018. No pressure.

You see, 18 is my favorite number. I was born on the 18th (along with like half the people in my family tree) and I have 18 letters in my whole name, which I figured out as a kid and then swiftly decided to only marry someone with 5 letters in his last name too so I could keep the 18 intact. Checkity check. I had a real scare with my high school sweetheart, who had 7 letters in his last name. SEVEN! Luckily that boy ripped my heart out and I went on to fall in love with an Abney. Phew! Close call.

So being that I likely won’t live to see 2118, this is my final opportunity to make the most of my fave number in a year. 2018, you’re my year. I’m calling dibs. To show you how serious I am, I’ll let you in on a little secret. I’m frantically trying to get pregnant so that I will have a 2018 baby. I have just a few months remaining before that door closes forever and I’ll be so crushed. I mean, yes I’ll accept a baby from another year, but I probably won’t love it as much.

Anyway, once I was set on the pic and the quote, I felt like it needed a “pop.” As a graphic designer, that’s literally the most annoying sound in the world and every client says it. “Just make it pop.” And being my own client, I was no different. So I thought long and hard and lost many nights’ sleep over it but then it came to me: CONFETTI.

Who doesn’t want tiny sparkles to fly out at them and take over their home for the remainder of the year, no matter how much they vacuum?

And what better way to maximize the confetti exposure than to house it in CLEAR envelopes?! I purchased some vellum beauties from envelopes.com and raided the dollar section at Target for gold & silver confetti. Everything was coming together.

But then I realized in my haze of excitement at finding translucent envelopes, that I purchased them without printing my return address on them. Silly me! I was SO bummed, you guys. For like 3 days, I debated just ordering more because I really didn’t want to handwrite my own address over and over and over again. And I love throwing money away. But then I said, “Hey Britt, you’re a creative. Make it work.”   Probably out loud, I don’t remember.

So I decided to design some return address labels. In my research and inspiration phase, I stumbled upon some wrap-around versions from Minted. And fell in love. Unfortunately, Minted doesn’t let me upload my own designs, so I had to steal their dimensions and get them printed locally. I’m cut-throat. I decided that it would be polite to use the spacious wrap-around real-estate to warn people of the impending glitter bomb they were about to open. So I simply stated “Confetti Inside! #SorryNotSorry” as if they don’t have eyes that can see through my amazing clear envelopes.

I also ordered round stickers from Moo to seal the envelopes. I used the same britt & matt logo that I used for our wedding, so our brand awareness as a couple is strong.

And then I ordered a sheet of custom postage stamps from Zazzle. Unfortunately, I couldn't afford to get enough stamps for everyone, but a few lucky people got to see them. It was just another great opportunity to use a wedding photo. I couldn't pass it up.

Then I hand addressed them in either gold metallic or bright red and sent them on their merry way. And that’s it. I got a lot of really nice feedback from friends & family, which I love.

Y A Y !