Brittany from Design Squeeze

Brittany from Design Squeeze

Hey guys,

I'm Brittany and I want to welcome you to my little slice of the internet, where I plan on letting my creative juices flow.

I'm not too sure what to write as my very first post, so I guess I'll just introduce myself a bit.

Let's see...I'm a Phoenix native-born and raised in this HOT city that I somehow love more than I hate sweating.

I have a boyfriend husband named Matt, who is just about the best guy in the world to me even though I don't tell him that nearly enough. He encourages me in all my crazy pursuits, always makes sure there is a pot of coffee waiting for me when I wake up and makes a mean enchilada sauce.  If you need more out of a man, you should really take inventory of your priorities.

I used to be a mom to the sweetest girl in the whole world named Zooey, a fuzzy black dog who taught me I'm not as selfish as I think. She's no longer around to greet me at the door when I come home, but she will always be my most favorite thing ever- my future children included. Sorry kids.

We now have a puppy named Teddy, who is a little black terror, eating everything in his wake. As I'm typing this, he is scooping water out of his bowl all over the kitchen floor and looking at me like he just discovered recreational drugs. But if we run him around the backyard for hours on end, he calms down just enough for us to get about 15 minutes of cuddle time from him a night before the chaos starts all over again.

I just became an aunt about a week ago. On August 7th, my brother and sister-in-law had a baby boy and named him T. Rex. Which is AWESOME! If you knew my family, you'd realize I'm not joking at all, but more on that another day. He is obviously the cutest baby in the whole universe, especially since he has my nose. Not sure how it'll translate on a grown man, but it's really working for him at 10 days old.

I avoided growing up for a whole decade by constantly going back to school. It was a great time. I took classes on everything I could. Psychology, Sociology, Archeology, Botany, Human Sexuality, Education, History, World Religion, Economics. So basically I was majoring in Bar Trivia. And then I found DESIGN. I have degrees in both Interior Design and Graphic Design. I now work as a graphic designer, which is a pretty cool gig.

On the weekends, I hit up Goodwill and local thrift shops scoring treasures and decorating our house on a budget. I usually attempt at least one Pinterest recipe a week and am maintaining a 50% success rate. Matt and I frequent the movies quite a bit and are both Big Brother super fans. I'm an introvert by nature, like to hoard magazines, but usually only read them on planes or by a pool, have a strong aversion to those drinks with the bubbly things at the bottom (so gross), love the color orange, hate exercising, and collect coffee mugs that make me smile.

That's me.

Nice to meet you!