Life Lessons from an Orchid

So, my friend Chelsea got me an orchid as a housewarming gift when we became homeowners in August. It "died" shortly after but I kept adding ice cubes to it every Saturday at 9am like my life depended on it. Thanks, iPhone alarm.

It sat naked and bare for months. MONTHS! I seriously thought I killed it. I kill a lot of plants so I wasn't surprised. I'm like a plant serial killer. I took out a whole garden once.

But I kept at the orchid because I'd heard orchids can play dead. Like plant possums and that really intrigued me. I became attached to it. I talked to it sometimes, whispering things like "you're doing great" and "you is kind, you is smart, you is important" and "don't worry, I'm a late bloomer too."

I gave it a place of honor in our home, right next to our front window, so anyone who came to the door could see it. Even though it looked like a stick in a pot. I wanted it to have a healthy self image.

Well guess what?! It bloomed outta nowhere. Literally one day it was "dead" and the next day, 3 beautiful flowers appeared, reaching out toward the sunny window. I don't think I've ever been more proud.

I teared up a little as I was leaving for work, wondering if staying at home with your orchid was a valid excuse to call out. It felt valid. I actually worried about them. What would they do all day without me? Would they be lonely? Scared? But then I realized, they had each other and I had empowered them to be strong, independent beings. So I literally kissed them goodbye on my way out the door, my heart full.


I'm officially less terrified of being a mom someday. Orchids are super fickle and I just raised 3, so bring it on, babies. I got dis.


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