Nursery Inspiration: Baby Girl

Baby girl nursery inspiration

Baby girl nursery inspiration

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Let's call her Mona

Ok so yesterday's post about Boy Nursery Inspiration was really fun to put together! It's only fair that I do a baby girl version.

There are some definite similarities between the two-the more muted color schemes, with pops of brightness, lots of black and white details, tons of texture and banners.

color scheme for girl nursery

color scheme for girl nursery

What I love most about designing rooms is straying away from anything "typical." I'm not a fan of "baby pink" & "baby blue" nurseries. My children's room will not look like my children designed them. No fat heads on the walls, no baby animals on safari wallpaper, no cartoon characters on the rug.

uh. uh.

Instead, I want items that can grow with our family. The rug, for instance, can easily be transitioned into the dining room or living room as Mona grows and wants a change. Same with the rocker. I don't want a glider that screams NURSERY. I could throw that rocker anywhere else in our house for years to come. The white rattan sideboard could become a TV console or entry table.

You see where I'm going?

Anyway, if you're interested, I named my pretend baby girl Mona after Mo Willems, another of my absolute favorite children's authors. He created the pigeon (#12) books that I'm obsessed with.

Plus, just like with Owen's, this room just feels like a Mona.