Shine Bright Like A Diamond: Engagement Ring Round Up

Someone's come down with Wedding Fever. ME! Not only is my best friend engaged but I'm working on a branding project at work for a diamond company, which means lots of pictures of diamond rings! Like LOTS.

Today, I worked on their website design and oh man, I've never had more fun at work. Usually it's all non-profits and charter school campaigns, so you can imagine my excitement to get to design for DIAMONDS! Girling out here.

All of this has me thinking what kind of ring I want. And the truth is, I've yet to see a ring that I think I'd love for the rest of my life.

When it comes to accessories, I have major commitment issues. I can commit to a person no problem, but other than that, my attention span is short. Hair color? I've tried every shade. Style? All over the place. This is why I'm the only designer I know without a tattoo. Tattoos are expressive and artsy and I would love to rock 3 at any moment, but FOREVER? um no. I'll take Tattly, thanks.

So until I see that magical ring that makes me swoon, I've rounded up some top contenders. Some are traditional, some not so much and others, not at all.

Shine Bright Like A Diamond: engagement ring round up

Shine Bright Like A Diamond: engagement ring round up

1. Original Gatsby by Heidi Gibson  |  2. Opal & Diamond Octagon Ring by Kathryn Bentley  | 3. Diamond Cluster Ring  |  4. Oval with Halo Ring  |  5. Hazeline Suite No. 11 by Anna Sheffield  | 6. Hazeline Suite No. 1 by Anna Sheffield  |  7. Jade Deco Ring  | 8. Rose Gold Half Eternity Ring by Michelle Oh

So which one has your vote?

The first one makes me smile so much but maybe that's cause I'm about to say goodbye to my own Roaring Twenties. Would I still love it in another 2 decades?

Numer 2 reminds me of a knock-off Olivia Wilde's ring, which, if we are being perfectly honest, is the hands down prettiest engagement ring I've ever seen. I didn't include it because it's just not realistic for the rest of us. Plus, Jason Sudekis bought it for her because it reminded him of her eyes. So let's not give Matt any ideas or I'll be getting a poop brown diamond, people.

Brown eyed girls got it rough.

The third one is super vintage, which I love, but I actually have one similar that was passed to me from my grandma, so check that off the list. And the fourth is super classic and I'm a fan of oval, but at the end of the day, I am a gold girl all the way.

5 and 6 are pretty rad. Anna Sheffield seems to understand my hesitance to commit to a ring, so she designed these halos that can be switched out pretty affordably, which means I could theoretically get a whole new look if I ever start to feel stale about my ring. The only thing that would have to stay would be the main ring. And I am currently OBSESSED with the black stone in #5. Buuuuuuuuuut I'm sure 5 years from now, I'd be kicking myself. Maybe even 5 months.

As a side note, Anna Sheffield also has some INSANE turquoise rings right now. GIMME!

The seventh one is a BEAUT! That jade is so beautiful, but again, I don't know if this is a lasting love. Maybe for my right hand.

Lastly, I included this handmade band. I LOVE anything that's handmade. So much character and so unique.

But let's get to what I REALLY want! THE MRS BOX!

The Mrs Box is the ideal ring box for popping the question.

The Mrs Box is the ideal ring box for popping the question.

I might not have a clue what ring I want, but if it doesn't come in a Mrs Box, I'll pass. These handmade, velvet ring boxes are just perfection. I want every color! Ever since I was little, I have been drawn to anything mini and especially anything mini that holds other stuff. Tiny boxes, mini envelopes, baby bottles. LOVE THEM ALL.

Yes, I had an extensive Polly Pocket collection.

Matt has no clue what ring I want but dammit, he knows to put it in one of these or he can move along in life!

That mustardy yellow one (right under the "s" is "Mrs") is my FAVORITE and they are always SOLD OUT of it. BOOOOOOOOOOOOO. The gray is nice, too.

The Mrs. Box is the ideal ring box for popping the question

The Mrs. Box is the ideal ring box for popping the question

So there you have it. What do you think? What kind of bride are you? Traditional? Non-Traditional? Bit of both? Anyone else a commitment-phobe when it comes to rings?