Skin Care Routine to Keep You Looking FRESH at 30

skin care routine for when you're turning 30

skin care routine for when you're turning 30

Hello lovelies!

It’s been a while. Sometimes I wish that there was a tiny lil reporter living in my head so she could constantly write out all my ideas and upload them directly here. Wouldn’t that just be the answer to so many of our blogging dreams? Think of a post and BAM it’s already published!

Anyway, guess what?

I’m turning 30 in less than 2 months! Holy cow is right!

First of all, I could write about a billion posts on why I feel like this is a joke and 30 is for real adults who do things like pay mortgages and have babies. I. Am. Not. 30. But I mean I really am, so let’s save all those existential crisis posts for another day.

I may not feel 30, but I am living in a 30 year old body with 30 year old skin and that, my friends, is pretty scary. I have seen a significant change in my overall appearance just this past year and I’m blaming most of it on stress. 29 was one the most stressful years I’ve had. But I’m sure my fast approaching BIG 3-0 isn’t making matters any better. So I decided it is time for a SKIN CARE REGIMEN!

But what the heck do people my age use? I seriously know NOTHING about skin care. I usually buy whatever face wash is on sale and smells nice. Moisturizer? Maybe. If I'm feeling fancy. Toner? Is that the same as Astringent? I used that in like 7th grade, after Noxema, which I was mildly addicted to in Junior High. I recently bought a BB cream-does that count?

See my dilemma?

So I turned to the internet. I was overwhelmed by the options. There’s a serum or a lotion or a gel for EVERYTHING. And they aren’t cheap. So instead of blindly choosing based on my complete lack of knowledge, I thought I would ask a professional.

I made an appointment with a very highly recommended dermatologist in Scottsdale, AZ (if you’re local and want a referral, hit me up-she was amazing). The appointment was a “Cosmetic Consultation,” which made me feel very ritzy but also very nervous. I had nightmares of Botox needles and surgery recommendations flying at me. I was so anxious about going that I thought I would share my experience with all of you in hopes that you can benefit from it because it was really nothing to be worried about.

The nurse just asked me what brought me in and I told her that I was approaching 30 and didn’t know much about skin care and would like to know what my best options would be moving forward so that I can keep looking youthful as long as possible. Then I held my breath and waited for her to pull out a black marker and draw all over me like in that episode of Sex And The City. But instead, she said…

“YOU ARE TURNING 30?!” And her jaw almost hit the floor and I got insanely happy inside. I stopped getting carded when ordering drinks this year so I've been convinced that I went from looking like a fresh-faced baby to looking like a little OLD lady with absolutely nothing in between. So, yes, I was insanely happy at her surprise. 

She told me that my skin is actually in great shape (thank you hermit lifestyle that causes me to avoid going outside at all costs) and that coming to a professional at my age was the best thing I could do for it. Preventative care makes all the difference. I told her that I felt like I look tired all the time and my skin looks dull compared to what it did just last year.

She immediately told me I’m not a candidate for Botox-which made me really sigh with relief. I was not about to get on the Botox train. I mean absolutely NO offense to anyone if Botox is your thang-you gotta do you! I was just looking for more of a skin care routine.

 She also said I would benefit greatly from a chemical peel, which will remove all the old, dead skin and reveal bright, fresh cells so you get that glowing look that makes all your friends hate you. Um, yes please. I'll take 3!

Then she walked me through this regimen:

  • AM: My current drug store cleanser (which I use with a generic Clarisonic brush) Vitamin C cream Eye cream to prevent fine lines and help with puffiness Lightweight SPF 45 moisturizer (I do live in the desert after all)

  • PM: Same cleanser Same eye cream Retinol product which will help with adult acne, wrinkles and hyperpigmentation Balancing moisturizer

And that’s it, my friends. Just kidding-THAT'S A LOT!  But what do you expect-we aren't spring chickens anymore. Take care of your face. 

I should mention that this regimen will be the financial equivalent of renting a small studio space in the Bay Area. But considering I shop primarily at thrift stores, work full time and don't have any kids to feed, I am all set to  invest in my FACE! 

The dermatologist did say that if I had to get just one thing, she would hands down say the retinol product for someone my age. So you can always start with one thing and add products as your budget allows.

I hope this helps anyone who, like me, was scouring the internet because they are approaching a new decade  (Seriously, HOLY SHIT when did we all grow up!) and feel a bit worried about seeing a dermatologist for cosmetic reasons.

Don’t be scerred! Treat Yo Self!

This is the brand/product she recommended for me: PCA Skin

PCA Skin

PCA Skin

1. Intensive Clarity Retinol  |  2. Weightless Protection Broad Spectrum SPF 45  |  3. C&E Strength  |  4. Ideal Complex Revitalizing Eye Gel  |  5. Rebalance Moisturizer

YAY! Now I’m going to go and enjoy the last days I have with my twenties.

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