Stitch Fix Review

Hi! Have y'all heard of Stitch Fix? I saw a random Facebook post of an old friend that piqued my  interest. As a long time fan of subscription services, I must say I was instantly intrigued. It doesn't take much more than a package to arrive at my door for me to throw money at something. And Stitch Fix was just that. Whenever you want, this lovely lil company will send you 5 articles of clothing or accessories to choose from based on a personalized style profile you fill out online.

Boom. I signed up, filled out my style profile, which was pretty fun and paid the $20 "styling fee" (which goes towards any purchase you make). Then I waited....

And then it came.


stitchfix I'm doing something a bit different here on Design Squeeze - A VIDEO!!

I feel I should warn you that this is my very first video. It was my boyfriend's idea, which I immediately laughed at. But then I thought that actually might not be a bad idea.  At the very least, it forced me to "learn" iMovie in about 3 hours. So yay!

Here's my debut film. I edited from 14 mins to less than 6. No JUDGING.

So there you have it. Rough around the edges but all in all I'm pretty proud of MY FIRST TIME!

Now for a closer look at each piece.

stitch fix outfits

stitch fix outfits

First off, let's give a quick shoutout to MY MAD MODELING SKILLS.

Missed that boat, AMIRGHT?

So awkward.

As is my Photoshopping in this case. Professional FAIL.


All in all, I ended up keeping the $28 necklace-which I ADORE!! and the $78 black jeans with ANKLE ZIPPERS. Yes, lots of money but I know for a fact I will wear these pieces til they exceed their worth.

I said no to the cardigan. I thought it was cute but a tad bit too long on me and it felt kinda cheap at the end of the day.

The red striped tee was heavenly when I put it on-It was soft and silky and if it were any other color than red, I may have succumbed to it's soft temptations. BUT IT WAS RED! I can't do red. I'm sorry, Red-I don't know what you did to me in a past life, but I'm holding a grudge. NO. The answer is always no.

The silky black and white top was a Beaut, but unfortunatly, it wasn't a match for me. I'm not so much into spaghetti straps these days. And even if I was, it was not meant for someone as anatomically tiny as I am up top. It was a wardrobe malfunction waiting to happen. #ittybittytittycommittee CAN YA HEAR ME!

I definitely recommend you try STITCH FIX  for yourself. It's like a present you buy for YOU! I will be doing again every few months just for kicks-I think after buying 75% of my wardrobe at thrift stores and holding down a full time job, I'm allowed to splurge every once in a while:)

Happy shopping!

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